About Us

Casinohost.com specializes in arranging luxury travel to Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe and Hawaii.  We offer unparalleled personalized service in planning and executing your perfect vacation.  Our dedicated team of travel and gaming professionals provide clients with access to exclusive parties, casino gaming tournaments, private jets, chef tables, VIP sections at nightclubs and show tickets.  Our clients also have the opportunity to have a dedicated associate handle all of their travel needs.  By having a customized one stop source for all requests, we are able to meet the specific needs of our clients and reduce the chances of miscommunication that normally occurs using traditional methods of travel planning.


Casinohost.com focuses on building loyalty and value for our clients through flawlessly executed vacations that have exceeded expectations.  Our strong relationships with our luxury travel vendors affords our company the access and exclusive privileges that we pass along to our clients.  By working hard to understand every detail of our client’s needs, Casinohost.com can help to ensure quality, consistency, and personalized service a client’s specific travel requirements and budget.


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